Welcome to gomom.me, pronounced “go mommy!”. We promote moms on the go. What’s a mom on the go? A mom on the go is a mom, at any stage of motherhood, that continues to achieve personal success while being a great mom. How does she do it? She is energetic, motivated, and most importantly has a support system to assist her.  

Being a mom does not mean that you have to choose between your child(ren) and personal success. As a matter of fact, being a mom means that you have all the more reason to be great, amazing, happy, beautiful and successful – not just for you, but for your loved ones.

At gomom.me, we firmly believe that mothers should not have to choose. In fact, they should know that it is okay to have goals and dreams AND that it is possible achieve them while being great moms!  So, think of gomom.me as mom’s personal cheerleader. We’re here to cheer moms and help loved ones cheer on moms in their lives. So, we simply say “gomom.me!, gomom.me!”.  


Tricia Brunton

My name is Tricia Brunton and I am the Founder gomom.me. As a mom, I know first hand the joys and challenges of motherhood. It’s hard, it’s fun and at times we all need a little support. I am a mom on the go and have been since my son was born. From time to time, people have wondered how I “find the time” and others have asked why I do “so much.” After a lot thought and reflection, I realized I didn’t have an answer. Instead, I had a question… “Why not?”